Barcelona city appeals to all the senses: there are tapas to be gobbled, amazing passageways to be explored, beautiful paintings to be pondered, and wines to be swirled. But this is not all: the ancient and the avant-garde mix well in the Catalan capital, where you are likely to find Roman ruins, modern apartments and high-end boutiques all on one block. Add all these to miles of winding streets and you’ll realize that there are a lot of things to see and do in Barcelona.

But to really enjoy the beauty that Barcelona has to offer, you need to figure out how you can get affordable accommodation. There are many options to choose from, but if you are travelling with a family or friends, family villa make more sense—for a number of good reasons:


A family villa gives you the flexibility to create your own schedule as opposed to being restricted on particular check-in and check-out times or dining options. You can always tailor your itinerary to suit your needs without the need to wake your family up every morning to avoid missing out on breakfast. What’s more, you don’t have to always rush to the pool to secure a sunbed.


If you are looking to have peace of mind during your vacation, opting for a family villa rental in Barcelona make the most sense. Villas are secure and eliminates the worry of having to mingle with strangers like is the case in open complex hotels. You will be able to relax and enjoy the sun without any hassle.


Opting for a family villa will also ensure that you have all the privacy that you desire. Generally, villas tend to be situated on their own spaces, which mean that you will enjoy your time without bumping into other guests. In other words, villas allow you to enjoy your own personal space after a full day of exploring the hassle and bustle of the city.

Provides Value for Money

Many vacationers believe that renting a family villa in Barcelona is an expensive affair. However, when you compare the costs of these villas to those of luxury hotels for families, you will realize how much villas provide value for money.


If you are planning to go for holidays in Barcelona with your family or in the company of your friends, renting a family villa is the perfect option to consider. As highlighted above, you will enjoy privacy, safety, flexibility and much more value for money than staying in a hotel.