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7 Tips To Transform Your Ordinary Room To A Whole Mood

Is your apartment lacking because your funds are lacking too? Whether you are renting a space or just looking to spruce up your dorm flat, here are our favorite 7 ways to transform your room for next to nothing until… Continue Reading →

Shifting To A Minimalist Mindset

Minimalism is a response to the consumerism that is so rampant today. Instead of chasing the latest trends, some people are looking for timeless objects. Instead of filling their homes with random stuff, they value free space with only the… Continue Reading →

Tips On Making Custom Beanies

The colder months require total protection to every part of their bodies; you will find almost everyone covers their heads using various caps and hats. Custom Beanies are among the top things that most people prefer to use to protect… Continue Reading →

Why Every Man Needs A Thin Leather Wallet

Intelligently ultra-designed wallets are becoming popular due to their practicability and fashion. Meaning every man should consider owning the now advanced thin leather wallet. Having one is a great way to demonstrate your taste for style and show off your… Continue Reading →

The #1 Cat Mom Socks: Why Your Family Will Love Them

There are many types of socks, and you are free to choose based on your taste and preferences. It feels great to state that designers have finally learned to create socks to impress even the fussiest buyers. We have compiled… Continue Reading →

How To Choose A Black Leather Handbag For Your Wardrobe

Have you noticed all women around you carrying a black leather handbag? These bags are popular for many reasons, so it is one of the things you want to add to your collection. One thing that is great about the… Continue Reading →

Interesting Facts About Pyramid Necklaces

Crytal Pyramid Necklace, simple but elegant, a crystal pyramid necklace has more uses than just enhancing your style. It can awaken your inner self in ways you never imagined. A high polished finish in sterling silver or gold completes the… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons You Will Love The Ugg Travel Set

Travel is synonymous with new experiences. You step out of your comfort zone and open yourself to myriad opportunities. Whether you are traveling on work or for pleasure, it is important to make yourself comfortable wherever you go. The Ugg… Continue Reading →

Trendy Beach Hats – Buying Tips

Choosing a cap is an overwhelming task. The many types of materials and designs in the market complicate the hat selection process. Thus, you need tips to guide you in picking the right hat. Designers are coming up with caps… Continue Reading →

Ethical Fashion Rings – Choosing The Right One

With the rising trend of ethical fashion, ethical rings have become the latest buzz word for fashionistas. As a fashion designer, I am happy to say that I have a few pieces which incorporate ethical standards and principles in my… Continue Reading →

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