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3D Game Art Outsourcing

The gaming industry is always pushing the boundaries of graphics technology and creativity. 3D design has improved by leaps and bounds over the past decade with some inspiring results. It has also become more accessible with services provided by several… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Buy The Square Off Chess Board

If you have ever played chess against the computer then you already know that this game can be quite exciting. It is one thing to play conventional chess with another player. In this case, the person you are up against… Continue Reading →

What Is An OSRS Mining Bot?

An OSRS mining bot refers to the use of a third-party software program (called a ‘bot’) in the Old School RuneScape (OSRS) online game to perform repetitive tasks in the game (in this case mining) automatically so that a player… Continue Reading →

How Collaborative Game Development Works

Gone are the days when a game development team consisted of a handful of people. Today’s highly-immersive games, often multiplayer, provide massive worlds for the player to explore with rich game play mechanics and sophisticated graphics. To achieve this in… Continue Reading →

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