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Lice Control

Where To Find Lice Salons

Many of us have heard of lice salons and have gone to one in the past. The experience can be somewhat nerve-wracking as many people are not used to such a highly commercialized setting. General Salons Salons provide services such… Continue Reading →

Choose Lice Salons For Problematic Lice

What is a lice removal salon? Lice removal salons have become popular in the recent past. While these special salons resemble hair salons, they exist to delouse children as well as adults. Staff who work in these salons have undergone… Continue Reading →

Head Lice Removal Services In San Francisco

While head lice are not known to spread diseases, having them on you can be annoying. They cause itching and will easily interfere with sleep or concentration. Children are more prone to catching lice as they can easily spread from… Continue Reading →

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