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Why You Should Use Oversized Wall Art

Are you having trouble deciding how to style your living room? There really is no right or wrong when it comes to design but there are proven strategies to make spaces look good. For example, most living rooms have a… Continue Reading →

Who Was Clarice Cliff?

Clarice Cliff was a prolific ceramic artist who rose to fame in the 1920s and 1930s for her distinctive pieces that featured bright colours and avant-garde designs. Throughout her life, she was dedicated to learning new styles and perfecting her… Continue Reading →

Why You Need Life Drawing In London

Artists need to learn a lot of skills in order to master their craft, and that starts with learning all they can about the human body. The human body has all sorts of lines and curves that must be acknowledged,… Continue Reading →

Advantages Of Buying Oriental Painting Online

In addition to the sales of artworks within galleries, online sales have taken over the market, with many art lovers preferring to acquire oriental painting online. According to a survey conducted and published in 2017 by Hiscox, the online buying… Continue Reading →

Things To Consider For Unique Wall Art

Wall arts represent the aesthetic taste of a person. Every artwork hanging on a wall shows creative skills. When a person makes or chooses a unique wall art, that artwork reflects his personality. Wall arts can be frame prints, canvases,… Continue Reading →

Reference Poses – Create New Characters With Impressive Reference Positions

Reference poses allow artists to recreate positions of various characters by leveraging the key illustration points of an original image. The reference points include the torso positioning along with the placement, bending, and twisting of limbs and the head. Moreover,… Continue Reading →

Colorful Clarice Cliff Pottery

Clarice Cliff is a ceramic designer who was born to working class parents in Stoke on Trent. Her brightly colored and hand painted pottery items were initially considered tacky. However, her talent and hard work led her to become an… Continue Reading →

Reasons To Invest In Christmas Limoges Boxes

If you love the work of art, then Limoges boxes are something that should never miss in the collection of you are artworks. Since its creation, the Limoges box has gained popularity not only in the Limoges region of France… Continue Reading →

Art Prints For Sale

Finding art prints for sale is pretty easy to do these days, but a lot of it comes down to finding the right price. People do not want to be ripped off when it comes to art, and online stores… Continue Reading →

Fine Art Celebrity Prints: Are They Worth It?

Fine art celebrity prints are normally overlooked and dismissed as inauthentic, especially when compared to real, hand-painted art pieces which tend to sell for so much more. What many people may not know is that just as you can use… Continue Reading →

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