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3 Gallon Fabric Pots: Pros, Cons, And How To Use Them

Pots are simply containers that are used to grow plants. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be made from a variety of materials, including clay, plastic, metal, or fabric. Fabric pots are a type of pot that… Continue Reading →

Why Are Air Pots For Plants Popular?

Air Pots are one of the newer innovations in plant containers, but they’ve become almost overwhelmingly popular with growers. Rather than using a standard pot that has holes or openings at the bottom for drainage, Air Pots use air pruning… Continue Reading →

Buying From Geranium Nursery Online

Are you looking for a geranium? Geranium is a flowering vine that grows to about six feet. It produces flowers ranging from the small, red geraniums to the tall, purple ones. Because of its small size, geranium is ideal for… Continue Reading →

Tips For Caring For Aero Plants

While you may feel excited when you buy an aero plant you may also feel a bit overwhelmed. Sure, this is a great way to grow an herb, flower, or vegetable because it’s so easy to do, there are a… Continue Reading →

Buying 3 Gallon Fabric Pots

3 Gallon Fabric Pots is one of the best investments that you can make in your home garden. These can be used for all your outdoor needs, and they will hold approximately three quarts of soil. If you are looking… Continue Reading →

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