A leather pouch with clean lines is suitable for a more sophisticated personality, a super-colored model with a bolder style while a more classic type for those who don’t like to dare too much.

Comfort is essential, especially if you wear it for many hours: better to choose a model that is light enough. Furthermore, the baby carrier is a very versatile accessory to wear, in fact it can be worn in various ways. As a belt bag, at the waist (high or low): it goes a lot at the height of the navel, but it can also be worn slightly on the side. Thanks to the adjustable strap, it can also be worn over the shoulder, then on the shoulder in a transversal way as applies to Infant Bow Headbands.

On the shoulder, as you do with any other exchange. Four good reasons to buy a Baby Carrier. The baby carrier is an accessory that has many advantages, in particular we would like to point out a few. It’s comfortable: it lets you not strain your shoulders and leave your hands free for shopping, shopping, aperitifs or anything else.

It is versatile: it can be combined with almost anything. For example, minimal waist bags in real smooth or suede leather can embellish a formal look. It is functional: the pouch is a smaller alternative to a backpack or a larger and more voluminous bag. Obviously the space available is more contained, but access to smartphones, keys and wallet is easy and fast.

It’s safe: the Pouch allows you to keep your personal belongings safe. Especially if you wear it hooked up in life, it will be practically impossible to lose it or leave it accidentally somewhere. The Baby Carrier is without a doubt one of the must-have accessories of 2018: have you already had the chance to see it worn in recent times? Whatever your style, you can dust off an old model from your wardrobe or, why not, buy a brand new one. In both cases, Infant Bow Headbands look great.

The return of the baby carrier is not just a female prerogative. The belt bag is back in fashion even in the universe of men’s fashion: discover our classic Bum Bag, brown leather, made of real leather.

With the summer approaching, the desire to escape from the everyday life of the big cities grows, even if only for a weekend. Having chosen the destination, the period of stay and the company, we just have to pack your suitcase and leave to enjoy the journey. A practical trolley or a more elegant leather travel bag? This question is divided into real factions, the personalities and the very approach to the concept of travel are divided.