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Antique Ivory: What You Should Know?

Ivory is probably one of the most beautiful natural resources in the world but with the bloodiest history. About 20,000 elephants are killed annually by poachers just to acquire the ivory tusks that make up the illegal ivory trade. Of… Continue Reading →

Antique Ivory: History And Buying Guide

Africa and Asia have been exporting ivory since the 14th century BCE, a time when millions of elephants still roamed Africa and some parts of the Far East. Elephant ivory has always been a favorite material for various items and… Continue Reading →

Essential Benefits You Will Get From School Spirit Car Magnets

The different individual today are promoting their school, sports team, or the student group. This will, therefore, need them to consider the school spirit car magnets as team support to have the best results. With the outdoor design, you will… Continue Reading →

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