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Healthy Foods

Diet Food Delivery Service For You

Are you trying to keep fit? Well, it might be your time to lose some weight with diet food. Many restaurants supply diet foods to customers around the world. All you require is to make an order and get the… Continue Reading →

Coconut Kefir Milk A Healthy Alternative

Kefir (a symbiotic matrix of bacteria and yeast grain) originated from Russia circa 1880’s probably from the North Caucasian region although some argue it might be from Turkey or Persia then spreading to Europe, Japan, and the United States and… Continue Reading →

All You Need To Know About The Himalayan Mad Honey

The idea of getting high on honey is foreign to many people. Surely, there’s no way something so pure and sweet can cause any form of madness. However, if you take a trip up the Himalayan foothills, you’ll stumble upon… Continue Reading →

The Benefits Of Coconut Yoghurt

Yogurt is a type of fermented food mixed with healthy bacteria. Yogurt is manufactured from animal milk; however; there is a possibility of finding plant-based yogurt like coconut yogurt. This yogurt is manufactured from coconut milk and does not have… Continue Reading →

4 Vegetarian Snack Ideas You Need To Try

Are you a vegetarian looking for snack ideas? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Although there are hundreds of snack ideas you can try, we’ve put together a list of four vegetarian snack ideas you’ll want to… Continue Reading →

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