Your desk is buried under mountains of paper. Your pens and other stationery are scattered all over the place. So, how can you create more space and restore some order to your workspace? One answer is using under desk storage.

Under desk storage refers to the various storage solutions that you can install under your desk to hold your office supplies and documents. It helps to declutter your workspace and increase your productivity. Here are some creative under desk storage solutions that you can use to organize your workspace:

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a simple, affordable, and practical way of creating extra storage under your desk. You can hang the baskets from the underside of your desk using a set of hooks, and you can store documents, stationery, or other items in them. Hanging baskets can also add a decorative element to your workspace.

Storage Cubes

Storage cubes are another convenient and effective under desk storage solution. You can slide them under your desk to keep your documents and other office items off the floor. Cubes can come in various colors and sizes to match your workspace’s aesthetic.

Drawers with Casters

If you want lockable under desk storage for your office supplies, drawers with casters would be an excellent choice. These drawers can be rolled under your desk and locked, ideal for storing important documents or valuable items securely. Casters also make it easy to move the drawers around.

Shelf Units

A shelf unit is a perfect solution if you need more storage space but cannot afford to lose floor space. You can mount a shelf unit under the desk, and it can provide extra storage space without taking up too much room on the floor. You can keep your books, files, and other sundries organized on the shelves.

Wire Organizing Trays

Wire organizing trays are sturdy and visually appealing options among under desk storage solutions that are perfect for holding papers, files, and envelope-sized documents. Their wire frame enables sufficient ventilation that prevents humidity build-up, counteracting potential mildew and other damages. Plus, the open design provides easy access to the contents, making them ideal for quick reference of critical materials.

Wall Organizing Pockets

When it’s not possible to fit anything under your desk, you still have options to declutter your workspace. Wall organizing pockets are an excellent solution for offices with limited desk space. With pockets for all of your office supplies and files, you can keep your workspace tidy and efficient.


Under desk storage is vital to keeping your workspace organized and promoting productivity. Hanging baskets, storage cubes, drawers with casters, shelf units, wire organizing trays, and wall organizing pockets are just some of the creative solutions you can use to create more space and organization in your office. Each solution serves a specific purpose, so pick what suits your organizing style and workspace’s needs.