Everyone is trying to find ways to stay fit indoors. Without access to gyms, it’s hard to do the usual weight training. People can purchase dumbbells and set up their own home gym but they might not have enough space or funds for this. A more creative way to solve the problem is to use the TRX suspension system. For example, a person can perform TRX curls to improve arm strength. This can target the biceps and triceps primarily but the chest and back muscles can benefit as well. The system has the following advantages:

Easy Setup

You don’t need a large floor space to accommodate the straps. Just find a sturdy part of the wall or ceiling on which to mount the system. You can even use your door with the right attachment. The straps can hang from this height while you clear the area for the exercises. There is no bulky equipment to worry about and you can move the mount around without issues if you need to. Strap length can change depending on the needs of the user.

Stability Enhancement

Large gym equipment can be useful but these weight machines tend to limit the range of motion. The machines control much of the movement such that only the main target muscles do the work. They do not activate the minor supporting muscles that are also important in total body development. With free weights and bodyweight exercises such as TRX curls, you will need to engage your stabilizing muscles to get through the movement in a smooth motion.

Adjustable Load

You can adjust the resistance of the bicep curls to match your current strength and fitness. Simply go on a more upright position to lower the tension on the straps. You can also move your feet closer to the mount and lean farther back to increase the load and get a more challenging workout. Test different positions to see what works best for you.

Variable Moves

Aside from regular TRX bicep curls, you can also try reverse curls in which the palms of your hands are facing the mount instead of your head. By varying the grip, you can work more on your back muscles and your chest. You can even do single arm bicep curls by orienting your body to face perpendicular to the anchor point. Grab the straps with the nearest arm and lower yourself to get around a 45-degree from the ground. Pull on the straps using your biceps until you are almost in a standing position. Do the same with the other side.