You can find the best cakes in San Francisco at some of the most iconic bakeries in the city. Noe Valley Bakery, Liguria Bakery, Cafe Gratitude, and Yummy Bakery are just a few of the most popular places to grab a slice of heaven. Read on for more recommendations. Then, we’ll look at these bakeries and their specialty desserts.

Noe Valley Bakery

If you’re looking for the perfect cake in San Francisco, check out Noe Valley Bakery. This cozy little shop specializes in classic desserts and treats. The cakes here are truly outstanding. This place is definitely worth visiting, even if you’re not looking for a gourmet cake. It’s a must-try for any San Francisco tourist! We recommend the creme brûlée cake and the coconut cream pie.

Liguria Bakery

When it comes to the best cakes in San Francisco, Liguria Bakery comes out on top. This small Italian bakery is located near the SS. Peter and Paul Church. This bakery specializes in Italian-style baked goods, but they also make pizza and focaccia. The menu includes pastries, chocolate cookies, and almond croissants. Not to mention the excellent coffee and service.

Yummy Bakery

If you’re looking for the best cakes in San Francisco, you’ve come to the right place. Located all over the city, the bakeries of San Francisco are truly artisanal and can’t be beaten. These places have something for everyone, from fluffy croissants to buttery danishes and everything in between. San Francisco has a place for every kind of pastry and baker, from simple tarts to savory empanadas.

Cafe Gratitude

If you’re a fan of raw food, you’ve probably heard about Cafe Gratitude. While this San Francisco restaurant isn’t exactly known for its cakes, its menu includes many tasty treats. In addition to its healthy menu, Gratitude serves many creative desserts that the entire family can enjoy. Guests are also encouraged to partake in its “community feasts,” where various raw food-inspired dishes are offered in a family-style setting. And while the restaurant’s waitstaff may be cult-like, the desserts are good.

Schubert’s Bakery

The family-run landmark baker has been serving the area with classic house-made cakes and pastries for over 100 years. Its warm atmosphere and homey ambiance are what make Schubert’s Bakery a beloved local haunt. Whether it’s a special occasion or a simple treat, Schubert’s has something to please everyone. Here you can get everything from a traditional Victoria sponge cake to a decadent chocolate cake.