EAP is basically an employee assistance program that offers some assistance to staff undergoing some tough and challenging times at work or in their home. Someone once said that content and a motivated worker is better than a troubled hardworking worker. So, with that in cognizance, you need an excellent EAP program to motivate your team. But with the number of EAP providers around, picking a good service goes beyond random picking. You will be required to research and have a copy of each provider’s portfolio. This can take weeks or even months, and I am sure you don’t have weeks; you need instant assistance from your team. And as usual, our primary goal is to provide you with a useful and reliable guide on what makes the best EAP provider for your business motivations.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an EAP Provider

Responsiveness and Convenience

It will help if you have a provider with its services in your geographic region or a company that offers extra video and telephonic counseling choices. This will allow your workers to see or visit a professional anytime he/she feels like he/she needs some motivation. An EAP service with a 24/7 operation or toll-free number for workers to call or get in touch makes the best when it comes to immediate assistance. Take your time and try to find an EAP service that you can reach anytime or the one that offers full access to its resources at any time.


The EAP you choose should have licensed staff with full training in offering work-related solutions to depressed and stressed people. You can look for its qualification and permit indication that allows the service to operate as an EAP company in your state. You can also search online and compare the professionalism in different options online. Include friends or people you have some connection to good EAP providers in town to help you choose the right team to hire for your business morale support.

Integration and Communication

The whole platform works better when added or integrated into the entire organization’s medical or insurance benefits. This allows for full and seamless coordination of workers benefits and helps eliminate redundancies, thus promoting effective treatment. The provider you pick should also provide some support for a worker’s compensation, well-being, and management support. As an employer, a worker’s well-being is the key as it determines their decision making and productivity. At all costs, pick an EAP provider that is qualified in offering quality solutions to people.