A timeless accessory that cannot be missing in the wardrobe of any self-respecting businessman. Briefcases no longer have the squared edges of the past: today they have a softer and curved appearance and are equipped with many more compartments to meet the contemporary man’s need for space and practicality, in short they are much more functional and complete thanks to Custom Promotional Items.

The bag gives the opportunity to remedy this annoying inconvenience, leaving the hands free and without having that ugly visual effect of full and overflowing pockets. Yes, handbags have become a necessary and stylish accessory for men too. No longer seen only as a purely feminine item, they are now an integral part of the contemporary male wardrobe.

The reason? Mainly out of necessity, but not only, since many men also use them simply to feel fashionable. The uses are the most varied: the men’s bag is not only a trendy accessory but is used to go to work, school, university and to carry essential items such as house and car keys, glasses, cigarettes, tobacco pouch, lighter and appointment agenda.

From that moment on we have witnessed a contemporary revival of the various models of the past and over the course of time the designers have given the old men’s bags a modern look and added lots of fashion and style details. Bags and Purses for men come back to life, therefore, in an infinity of types taken and revisited. The Briefcase is probably the most used bag for him due to its great versatility and capacity. The materials used to make the cases are generally leather and eco-leather, but there are also some versions made with fabric and other materials.

A Messenger Bag, also known as a shoulder bag, is a fairly large accessory that is worn, thanks to a shoulder strap, on a single shoulder. The word messenger makes one think of those who physically transport something from one place to another or from one person to another, as a messenger or a courier to understand: this specific model of Exchange is thought, in fact, for facilitate the transport of all everyday objects in a practical and convenient way thanks to Custom Promotional Items.

From university students, to hipsters, up to the business-man: the Messenger Bag is the ideal and functional solution for every type of daily movement, designed for men who are always active and on the move.

Roomy, resistant and practical, the Bags are the ideal choice both for organizing your travels (stays that are not too long, of course) and for everything you need for sports and training.