The portability of electronic cigarettes is definitely one of the things that people find highly appealing about them. They are small and light enough to be taken anywhere. Storage is no issue and usage is not a chore. Although they use power, they do not have to be plugged to a socket to work which would be quite limiting. They are instead powered by batteries that can last a fairly long while. Rechargeable batteries are generally used for this purpose and many have several batteries so that they can swap on the go. If you are looking for some to add to your travel kit, then consider the following:


There are several different batteries for vaping. Check the one that comes with your e-cig and make sure that you get the same one from the store. If you accidentally buy something else, then it might not even fit the slot. Remember that there is a wide range of designs available with some being extremely thin and small. These can only accommodate certain types of units. The same thing goes with the large packs as they have their own specifications. The best way to go about it is to take your unit to the store and try the various options to make sure that they fit just right.


Aside from compatibility, check the capacity of the battery. Even those of the same physical size and shape can have vastly different capacities. This is usually measured in milli Ampere hours or mAh. The general rule of thumb is that bigger is better since you will have more juice throughout the day. Heavy users should be mindful of this in particular as low capacities can mean just a few hours of enjoyment. On the other hand, large batteries will require a longer time to fully charge. Be prepared to wait a little longer or simply purchase a fast charger.


Given all the news about mishaps concerning ecigs, it would be prudent to err on the side of caution when buying new batteries. Trust only the reputable brands that have been around and have known sources. These may be slightly pricier than others but you can be certain of their quality, performance, safety, and service life. Overall, you get a better deal when getting these compared to others which can quickly get drained up even with light use. Worse, they could explode without warning and put you in harm’s way. Steer clear of unknown brands unless someone you trust has already tried them and had good experiences.