Welcome to Harry Potter’s World

Have you ever heard of Harry Potter? Well, cast that spell and find yourself in Harry Potter’s land of exciting adventures. Muggles and wizards are not left behind in exploring this great land, aside from their usual pleasure and business tour here. For a more immersive trip, read along and feel what it takes to experience the real Harry Potter Tours here in London.

While visiting London, you will have the benefit of having a stress free, refreshing day as you take your tour around different sightseeing sites. Therefore think about adding a tour of Harry Potter in your schedule. You will be confused with choice, as the list is countless!

A Few Sites to Visit at the Harry Potter Magical Tour

Warner Bros. Studio

A tour to the most famous studio will deliver nothing, but excitement and laughter all day long. While at the studio, you shall enjoy a free Wifi on board for your entire stay here. You will discover the thrilling behind-the-scenes plays of the famous Harry Potter films.

Spend about three hours at the studio looking at costumes, sets, and props famous in the creation of eight films including Hogwarts Express and Hagrid’s Hut. There is much at the studio of interest to you, so make a point of visiting it today!

A Tour of the Harry Potter Bus

This packed air-conditioned coach trip takes you around the film locations in the most comfortable ambiance ever seen. The tour takes only three hours to locations scattered across this high capital. Familiar landmarks, the Kings Cross Station the film venue for Platform 9 ¾ and Leaky Cauldron are just but a few sites for the bus ride.

Finalize your tour by pooping in at the official Warner Bros store and grab some Harry Potter merchandise. Both children and adults welcomed aboard the coach. A professional guide and expert are available all through your tour in case you need to inquire more as you ride along.

Walking Tour of Harry Potter

Visiting Harry Potter with Kids? If yes, then this Walking Tour is specifically geared for children. Your guide will walk with you along with this 2 and a half walk through London. You will sight both filming locations and muggle sights that are interesting like Golden Hinde and many more.

Why not dress up your kids and rush for that heart-breathing walk today!


With this few sites mentioned in this article, you are now in a perfect position, not missing a visit to the great Harry Potter Tours with your family. Do not forget to poop in at the studio; a walking tour is essential for memorable moments and later you can hop onto the coach for a ride to end your day. Hurry Now!