Establishing a new school start up with the help of a few directors or founders is not a walk in the park. Concise data and reasonable cost understanding are key strategies required in making this dream a reality. Does the complicated education market favor founders with minimum market knowledge? Proper planning, extensive market research, and broad marketing tips are essential tools for this trade.Read on to find the necessary tools for a new school start up.

Strategic Planning

Ideas from a few founders are not enough to kick-start a learning organization. Engage professional educational consultants in creating a blueprint that will act as a guide on how the school will start and get into operations for are about 5 years. In the plan, include your financial projections and enrollment services. Moreover, lay items according to priorities and discuss the staffing approach that the institution will take.

From time to time, the institution will need to check on the budget laid during its blueprint making. Consultants advise not including donations and other grants that might come later when planning the school opening exercise. Map out how school accounting procedures will be carried out including check signing, bank accounts, petty cash and auditing process.

Facilities and Location

For a school to be established, you need a facility where the students can converge and start lessons. Do you have to buy a parcel of land to start the school? Discuss with your co-founders and choose to buy or lease an existing facility. Once you have decided where you want the school started, start establishing the building zoning, teacher to student ratio, fire codes, and others.

How do you get enough staff to run the institution? Prepare a detailed list of professionals that will be needed in the school. Wide consultations with other learning institutions will give you an insight into amount of staff needed. Also, come up with job descriptions, key requirements for each post, and expected salary.

Marketing and Recruitment

A school project may fail at the start if there are no students. Recruit a marketing committee months before the school starts and leave the marketing task to them. Ask them to conduct online and offline campaigns across the state. Also, designing brochures, erecting billboards, and setting up mailing lists to potential parents will enhance your recruitment process.

Involve the staff and teachers in your planning process for successful school running program. Their input will be instrumental in administrative issues and will make them feel appreciated when they see it being implemented.


Starting a successful institution takes more than finances. Plan carefully and establish a supportive team to have a properly operating school.