Is your apartment lacking because your funds are lacking too? Whether you are renting a space or just looking to spruce up your dorm flat, here are our favorite 7 ways to transform your room for next to nothing until it looks like a whole mood…

Use stickers to dress up dollar store baskets.

Storage is expensive but you can skimp on pricy ones by decorating cheap baskets. Use small pot leaf stickers or other vintage looks to add flare to inexpensive tubs and bins.

Use paint cans to organize your wall.

You can get free unused paint cans at your local home improvement store. Drill them into the wall with the open space facing out to create a wall of storage that is both useful and modernly alluring to the eye. They are great place to store small pot leaf stickers.

Dry flowers for decor.

With a little twine and dried wild flowers you find on your hike, you can create a wall of floral arrangements that will last… and look very cottage-core – if that’s what you are into.

Use book pages instead of wall paper.

Wall paper can be expensive and hard to get accurate. Tear out book pages from old books you find at a Good Will. Use Modpodge or sealant to place them on a statement wall. If you are renting… double sided tape works too, it just doesn’t have quite the same effect.

Change out your drawer pulls.

Completely redoing your cabinets can be pricy. Instead, change out the drawer pulls to give your space a funky look. Raw crystals are a fun choice. We also like looks that mix styles.

Don’t buy new furniture. Buy covers.

Covers are a great way to make your space look modern. Plus, you are hard pressed to find a whole sofa covered in lemons. But a cover? Absolutely! Covers save money and help you keep up with the trends.

Look to social platforms for easy furniture ideas.

One platform blew up with the idea of painting large bowls, gluing them together upside down and creating side tables. Take time to explore Pinterest. You might be surprised at how easy it is to make your own furniture!

Reinventing your space inexpensively is not only good for your wallet… but also good for your mental health. A change in appearance can help to lighten the blues and boost your mood.