When we hear the word “elevator”, we usually think about the ones we see at malls and offices. We use them to go up and down floors so we don’t get tired while we go around. After all, these are tall buildings. They can tax our legs and our lungs. However, there are elevators for all kinds of things from food elevators in hotel kitchens to mining elevators in underground pits. It should not come as a surprise that there are car elevators, although their use has not yet reached a critical mass. So why might you want to install a car elevator?

To Save Money

It might seem counterintuitive but you can truly save money by installing a car elevator if you are situated in a certain kind of environment. For example, your house is located in a place where property prices has shot through the roof over the years. It would cost a fortune to buy even a small parcel to expand your garage. Instead of growing horizontally, you can grow vertically by adding more floors. Part of the space could be used for a multi-story garage. In popular beach towns, urban spaces, and the like, the cost to build this elevator would still be less than the cost of new land.

To Enhance Convenience

Some residential buildings have been designed to give occupants the ultimate in convenience. For example, their cars can enter the elevator from the ground, from which it will be lifted to their floor next to their apartment unit. Thus, every resident effectively has a garage in the sky, adjacent to their home. They can leave the house and get back without having to walk to a parking area. They can just open their door and their ride will be there right away. This system also keeps their vehicles safe since they will always have it nearby, away from strangers.

To Show Off

There is no denying that some people get car elevators to make a statement and show off to their friends. There is no problem with that if the can afford it. The car can enter the garage and exit through the dining area if you want, or even your bedroom. You can always imitate superheroes and make it appear in your own man-cave. However, this type of application is mostly seen in showrooms which are literally meant to show off the latest and greatest models from various makers.

A car elevator can make sense in different settings. Don’t hesitate to get one if the numbers add up.