Mining Tenement System – The Process for Mining Exploration

The mining tenement process or system are some stipulations a contractor must comply with to conduct a mining exploration operation. The mining operations work under a permit or license that gives the companies or contractor the authority to go in certain areas for their exploration activities. Getting the permit binds the company to carry out all mining activities, according to the policies and procedures of the mining tenement system. Failure to follow the tenement plans will make it illegal for the company to pursue the mining projects. So, for any mining activity, the first thing a company does is understand the mining system, obtain the permit, and follow the process according to the system rules and procedures.

Mining Tenement Stipulations- The Checks on Mining Operations

The permit to mining carries complete conformity with the mining process laid down by the state authority. These rules cover everything from the administrative requirements of the mining operations to the actual field activity. For instance, the tenement system ascertains that all actions are under strict environmental rules, so there are no activities that put others and the environment in peril. Likewise, the system allows giving credit to the sentiments, traditional values of the people, and their land when carrying out the exploration.

The Mining Exploration Projects

The mining system follows systematic methods of research, exploration, and finding of minerals in the mines. For mining exploration that covers minerals, a prospecting permit is mandatory, which is valid for one year.

For exploration activities, it is a requirement to apply and obtain an exploration permit that has a validity of five years. Usually, the operations cover large areas.

Like these, there are other mining operations, each carrying specific terms, and following the mining system policies.

Mining Tenement Rules – A Binding Requirement

Companies need to understand and work according to the mining tenement system and practices. Failure to comply with the mining laws may attract penalties as well as annulment of the mining license. Everything from the use of drills, to site operations and maintenance, follow the complete mining process to ensure the safety of and security of everyone, including the surrounding environment. One can go to the mining tenement office to learn more about the requirements. Online options are also available for contractors to learn more about the process and apply for the permit from the online platform.