resto3503When we go out to eat, we often have to consider the restaurant menu prices in our selection. Some establishments charge exorbitant prices for their meals. Others are fairly reasonable and the rest are in-between. We go to the most affordable places most of the time to save a bit of money. On weekends, we may wish to indulge in slightly pricier dishes with our loved ones. On special occasions, we might take them to the fanciest spots in town to make the date more memorable. But what exactly determines how much we pay to these establishments? Here’s a breakdown of where your money goes:

Ingredients: Quality, Delivery, Storage

Fast food restaurants will often have great deals with their suppliers because of the massive quantity of their orders. Whole farms are often dedicated to these chains. They can pass on the savings to their customers so eating in these places is quite affordable. Others operate on a much smaller scale so they don’t get the perks of these big companies. A few also endeavor to go the extra mile and get high quality variants such as organic goods. These are much more expensive to grow but have excellent health benefits. A few items may be rare and have to be sourced from other countries increasing the premium.

Ambience: Décor and Intangibles

Most of the time, you can look at an establishment from the outside and know instantly that it’s a fancy place with fancy prices. The décor says a lot. They spend a good deal of money ensuring that the fit-out goes well and has an excellent outcome. Every detail from the floor to the ceiling is planned carefully to fit a certain theme or vision. The walls may be lined with posters or other artifacts that enhance the mood of the place. The lighting can be bright all throughout or mellow and subdued for privacy. The furnishings will also be much more elegant in high-class restaurants.

Location: The Price of Convenience

The location is always the primary consideration when putting up any business. Restaurants located at a prime spot will have to pay extra for their lease. This makes them easy to get to when you want to grab a bite but you have to pay for the convenience. Sometimes they might rent a unit at a five-star hotel or some other exclusive place that gets them closer to their target customers who can afford to pay the premium.

Expertise: Chefs Need to Eat, Too

Hidden behind the walls is the kitchen where all the magic happens. Here the chefs and their staff work day and night to produce great-tasting meals. Some have studied in the best culinary schools in the world, enabling them to produce meals that are almost legendary. Their service is definitely worth a great deal because of what they are able to do. Food critics will go to different places to sample the menu and provide an appropriate based on their opinion. The ones at the top of the standings get visited a lot by foodies.