This is a very common question because many people want to get the most from e cigarettes, also known as electronic cigarettes. E cigarettes come in variety of shapes and sizes and cater for many taste buds and bank balances, but this, unfortunately, makes crowning only some of them as the best e cigarettes out there can be tough.

However, for those individuals looking to giving up smoking when using the usual nicotine alternative therapies are not helpful, e cigarettes could be the best remedy. This guide will help them find the most appropriate product.

While the above question looks straightforward enough on the surface, there are actually many factors that people asking this question will have to put into consideration first before choosing one or more products. The considerations should be the size of e cigarette that the user prefers and the category of e cigarette that meets his or her needs. For instance, is the user a heavy smoker? These factors will determine which category of e cigs out of the three main ones suits the needs of the user perfectly. Here are the main category options.

Mini e cigarettes

Mini e cigarettes can range in sizes but are the smallest option available in the market. Some of them are a similar size as ordinary cigarettes though others have a variety of sizes. The bigger ones have a significantly bigger battery capacity. They are the best electronic cigs for beginners, but anyone can use them.

Vape Pens

These cigarettes, also known as vaporizer e cigs, are bigger than mini cigarettes, but provide longer life. They come in different shapes and sizes so one can choose the varieties according to his or her preferences. Vape Pens are the best for people currently using mini e cigs or new vapers.

Box Mods

Box mods can best be used as a step up from vape pens. Nevertheless, statics is indicating that the popularity of this option is increasing at unprecedented levels. A considerable number of new vapers is opting to go for them at the very outset. If a new vaper asked an expert who is the best the best option, the answer would not be box mods, but mini cigs. Advanced users are free to go for it due to the learning curve. But, if anyone is willing to learn, then they are a superb choice.

The best e cigarettes for a given category of users might not apply to all users.