Eyebrows are a vital element of any woman’s make-up routine. When done well, they can enhance beauty to a substantial level. The opposite is also true. The constant task of making them pop out 24/7 can be overwhelming. Think about it: the constant trimming, the hassle of filling them, shaping them—all these can take a toll on anyone. Then there is the problem of thinning of brows over time. Sparse eyebrows are downright unattractive.

So, what is the most appropriate solution? You guessed it right: Eyebrow tattooing.

Eyebrow tattooing, also referred to as microblading, feathering or brow tattooing is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that fills sparse or thinned eyebrows using hairline strokes. The aim of the technique is to offer women a chance of having full brows without the need for brow gels or pencils.

If you are looking to book an appointment with eyebrow tattooing Miami Beach, here is what you need to know before taking the plunge.

1. It is not a permanent solution

You probably thought your eyebrow problems will fly out of the window forever with brow tattooing, right? Sorry, to break your heart here but this is not a permanent solution. Like all body art tattooing practices out there, microblading is superficial to the skin. The inks are degradable as well. You will need to book another appointment with your salon in a year or so for a touchup.

2. It can be painful

Yes, microblading can be painful. It is actually recommended to get anesthesia before the appointment to numb the area and at least keep pain at bay. Of course, the anesthesia has to be prescribed by your artist or a local physician. In addition, the wound will also need a few days to heal completely.

3. Book a consultation before the actual appointment

Walk into your artist’s office and have a chat before the appointment. Let them show you what they intend to do on your face and the expected outcome. Ask how long it will take to heal and how you can fasten the process. If you have heard or read about something weird about the procedure, this is the best time to ask for clarification. Don’t leave until you feel absolutely comfortable.

Final Remarks

The above-mentioned tips are some of the top crucial steps you need to take before you make one of the greatest decisions of your life. It goes without saying that your choice of an eyebrow tattooing Miami Beach determines your success. Follow them to the letter and have another go at thick, healthy eyebrows.