When looking for a property for rent in Dubai, it is wise to understand some basics about picking a good rental property and what makes the best rental space to buy or invest in. As an investor, it is all about profit and revenue, but for someone looking for a property for rent in Dubai, it is all about a good space that matters. So, how do you ensure that the property you buy or rent is the best? Well, picking a good rental space isn’t that simple, as many might take it or presume. It goes beyond understanding a random rental space to a real estate analyst to help you assess the property before you buy or rent it out.

Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Rental Properties


Location is the key to any property when it comes to either renting it out or buying it to create rental spaces. As an investor, it is wise to understand that this will directly impact your final revenue. And when investing in property, the location should be your key consideration; a good home is the one that is located next to the public transport system, a hospital, a school, and a police post. A good commercial space is the one located next to a workplace or a busy city, and investing in such properties located strategically means again.

Rental Charges

This is the monthly or weekly subscriptions that you will receive or pay if you are a tenant. As an investor/buyer, it is good to have a comprehensive guide about the market rental prices before setting your charges. And if you’re a tenant looking for a good rental space, it is good to find options that you can afford, keeping in mind that cheap isn’t an option only because you can afford them. Other factors should help you make a choice, and some of those factors are the security of the place, accessibility, and emergency systems.

Size of the Property

When looking for a rental property/space, it is wise to first understand your need before choosing. The space you choose should provide all your business; for instance, a storage facility should have enough space for your goods. It is then helpful to first assess your business needs before making any move towards choosing any property as your rental space. When it comes to any rental space, find options that offer adequate space and secure space for your goods and business operations.