Most aspiring freelancers, entrepreneurs or business owners find it hard to attract high-quality leads, which they can convert into repeat customers. In the online era we live in there are more options available, aside from traditional methods like promotional SMS and cold calling. These days, you can generate good leads on various social media websites, like LinkedIn. Since it started in 2003, LinkedIn has grown its’ user base to over 600 million people from hundreds of countries worldwide. Let’s take a closer look at the best techniques for getting LinkedIn leads:

Find Prospects Using LinkedIn Search

To generate leads effectively, you have to target the right demographic. Begin by shortlisting the job titles you wish to contact; opt for those who will probably grasp the advantages of your service/product, and who are in a position to make a purchase decision. It is sensible to approach CEOs, CMOs, COOs, CTOs, or other department managers your service/product relates to. Once you approach the right people, summarize your business in a friendly way and request a fifteen-minute call with them. If they do not reply immediately, contact them again after seven days, then once more after fourteen days. A CRM system will help you to track the people you contact and where you stand with them, with regards to conversion.

Take Part in LinkedIn Groups

You should join lots of groups associated with your industry because this gives you the chance to talk to others and put your brand in front of them. Frequently, people will look at the profiles of those who engage in discussions, to learn about their background, and this allows you to make a pitch. However, instead of making brief and generic comments, as many people do, it is wise to make thought-provoking comments that really contribute to the conversation. As well as increasing the likelihood of people visiting your profile, it will boost the reply rate you get from other commenters. This encourages more discussion and pushes your name to the forefront.

Have a Strong Profile

The photograph you use in your LinkedIn profile should be professionally taken. A nice portrait shot, where your eyes and face are clearly depicted, is a great way to impress those who check you out. Include as much relevant information about your previous experiences as possible. You do not need to mention everything, especially if it detracts from your business goals in any way. Be concise and cover what you did in your past roles. Do not attempt to use the profile summary to introduce your CV. Rather, you should use this section to detail how your business will benefit people who engage with it.

Pay Attention to Viewers of Your Profile

There is a feature on LinkedIn that enables you to find out who has looked at your profile. On some social media platforms, this might be intrusive, however, it is perfect for businesses. You will see the people who want to connect. This feature can be used to identify prospects and then message them. You could say hello, and ask whether you can help them with anything. Like the groups’ method, this encourages discussion and helps to attract leads. Often, you just have to make the initial effort to reach out to them.

Final Thoughts

In all likelihood, getting LinkedIn leads is devising even more advanced tools to help businesses of every kind. Therefore, if you are involved with B2B sales, it is certainly worth familiarizing yourself with this platform. This applies to both the standard version and the paid membership. By doing this, you can capitalize on every opportunity that comes your way.