So your friends have invited you to a bar in Brisbane. But wait a minute — the waitresses serve you topless. So, what should you do? Since it’s a new experience for you, it’s important that you don’t do something that’ll spoil the fun for you and your friends. The whole idea is to have a great time, and this means knowing the boundaries of a topless waitress Brisbane bar. To help you out, here are the top tips to observe:

Flirt But Don’t Court

Beauty is one of the attributes that managers of these bars look in their waitresses. So, it’s normal to find them attractive. You can try flirting with the ladies but don’t try courting them. They are in business and so you can’t tell if they are ready for a relationship.

Wear a Party Face

The moment you decide to step into a topless waitress bar, you have to forget your stress. It’s all about fun. So, grab a drink or get into the dance floor. You just need to find something party-like to do.

Don’t Get Physical

Feeling attached to a topless waitress can easily get you into an argument and sometimes a fist fight with other guests. You have to avoid it as it may get you thrown out of the bar. You have to realize that the waitress is there to serve everybody and not just you.

Get Social

Your focus shouldn’t just be the topless waitresses. You also need to make friends by socializing with other customers in the bar. You can join them in gaming, dancing, and even chatting. The more you socialize, the funnier the experience is.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

One of the most exciting things about topless waitress bars is that you can request for a private dance from the waitress that you like. However, this doesn’t give you the right to touch the waitress inappropriately. Even if you are behind closed doors, you are expected to keep your hands to yourself. Yes, even behind closed doors, there are still rules to be followed. You need to respect the lady the same way you would at the floor of the club. Just allow her to do what she does best without any helping hands!

Final Thoughts

By and large, going to a topless waitress Brisbane can be such a great experience. However, you have to know how to carry yourself around the joint. You shouldn’t try to offend anyone. That’s how you get the most out of your experience.