Are you in Sydney and asking yourself what top local dish you should have for your next meal? If so, then this is the article for you. Here is a list of top dishes in Sydney.

1. Truffled Egg Pasta

When in Sydney, make sure you do not miss a plate of truffled egg pasta. This delicious delicacy is served at Buon Ricardo. The dish comprises of truffles and stirred eggs passed through hot pasta. The impressive thing about this dish is the fact that it is prepared in your presence by the waiters.

2. Sausage Roll

Another local delicacy that you must make sure you taste in Sydney is sausage roll. This mouth-watering dish is served at Bourke Street Bakery and contains a filling of fennel seeds and pork. Make sure you try it when in Sydney.

3. Betel Leaves

The betel leaves is another dish that you should try out in Sydney. This dish consists of a punchy combo of green mango, peanut relish, and smoked river trout topped on betel leaves and is served at Longrain. This is one dish that you should not miss. Therefore, when in Sydney, pass by Longrain and order betel leaves.

4. Pork Banh Mi

Another favorite delicacy in Sydney is Pork Banh Mi. This dish consists of sliced pork, coriander, pickled carrot, pate, and daikon all stashed in a long, fresh, crispy roll. The dish is served at Marrickville Pork Roll. When you order, it will be served with sugar sauce, lemon grass, fish sauce, and garlic. Another good thing about Pork Bahn Mi is it only costs $4.50 at this restaurant.

5. Beef Pho

Also, make sure you order yourself Beef Pho when in Sydney. This dish has medicinal value (it can cure common cold) and is served with layers of flavor. Therefore, make sure you pass by AN Restaurant (Pho AN) to enjoy this dish.

6. Criskin Chicken

Also, make sure you take a bite of criskin chicken when in Sydney. The dish consists of double fried chicken, iceberg lettuce, a mountain of herbs, and a mass of egg noodles. Something wonderful about this chicken is that it is golden on the outside and moist in the middle. Therefore, make sure you take a bite of criskin chicken when in Sydney.

7. Green Noodles With Blue Swimmer Crab

You should also make sure that you try out green noodles with blue swimmer crab when in Sydney. The dish consists of tomato sugo, crab, and pasta and is served at Lucio’s. Apart from its delicious taste, the environment that it is served in is also worth your while.