Muay thai is a great sport to take up if you would like to learn martial arts. It is also highly beneficial when it comes to the development of leg strength, cardiovascular conditioning, core strength, and hip mobility. It can even provide stress relief, as most sports do, because you will have an outlet for your pent up feelings at the end of each day. You will even meet great people along the way including your trainers and other practitioners. If you have decided to embark on this journey, then get yourself some nice Thai shorts. Consider the following factors when choosing one:


The waistband should hug you tight around your midsection so that it does come off despite the vigorous movements. Most shorts for the sport feature wide bands to ensure good traction. These are usually filled with elastics that can expand or shrink to a large degree. They allow a wide range of people to fit this piece of clothing. They also account for the changes in the body such as ab expansion after meals and the like. You will always stay comfortable with an elasticated waistband. Some even have a drawstring for finer fit adjustment.


Be mindful of the cut of your shorts. Some of these are fairly long such that they almost reach the knees. However, it would be best to use something that only goes up to the middle of your thighs for ease of movement. In fact, some people prefer a V-angle at the bottom as this allows the legs to move sideways with greater ease. Many will have a slit at the sides for better breathability.


The fabric should be lightweight and breathable so that you can be comfortable throughout the training sessions. It should be resistant to tears or else you might find yourself replacing your shorts often. It should wick moisture away from your skin to prevent chaffing. It must be machine washable for convenience.


If there are any logos on the Thai shorts, then you should keep in mind that these might be temporary. Many of these peel off after a while so they should not be your primary for choosing one over another. An exclusion would be embroidery which tends to last longer. These will not crack or peel.

Get stylish and practical gear for your Muay Thai practice by keeping all of these in mind.