The Tempus Smart Controller is a device that allows you to control your home from anywhere. It’s the latest technology in smart homes and it can do everything from the thermostat, lighting, and more! This article will cover three main points: what Tempus does for you, how Tempus works and why Tempus is so great!

What does Tempus do for you?

Tempus allows you to control your thermostat, lighting, and other automation devices from anywhere. Tempus works with Nest, Insteon, Wink Hubs, and more! Tempus also includes a way for you to monitor the energy usage in your home- Tempus Energy Report

How Tempus Works?

Tempus does not require that it be connected directly to the internet as there is a built-in wifi connection. All of this makes Tempus super easy to set up! The only thing required is an iOS or Android device (tablet/smartphone) and we will do all of the rest! We offer 24hr support on our website if anything should go wrong during setup.

Why Tempus so Great?

There are many Tempus Smart Controllers on the market, but Tempus comes with some awesome features that no other smart controller has. Tempus can connect to your home’s network without requiring a hub or gateway making it super simple and easy to set up!

Tempus also includes an energy reporting feature- Tempus Energy Report which allows you to track how much power is being used in your house and what devices are using the most power (and where they’re located).

Tempus can be controlled from any smartphone (iOS/Android), tablet, computer, Apple Watch, Amazon Echo Dot & Google Home Mini.

What is it made of? Tempus is made of durable ABS plastic and it measures only 65mm x 65mm. Tempus can be stuck to any surface- even a metal wall! Tempus has an operating range of 100m indoors, and 300m outdoor (with no obstacles). Tempus also supports up to 12 wireless Z-Wave devices.

Tempus Smart Controller – The Tempus controller costs $79 USD on Amazon & comes with free shipping within Canada or USA! Tempus controllers are sold by our awesome friends at Tempus Controllers.

In conclusion, Tempus is a simple controller that connects you with your home. Tempus makes it possible to control your devices remotely, or by using voice commands through Amazon Echo Dot & Google Home Mini. Tempus supports 12 Z-Wave wireless devices and has an operating range of 100m indoors/300m outdoors (with no obstacles).