Terminal Proxy also is known as Terminal Proxy Server (TPS)

Let’s just get down to the simple and plain fact: What are terminal proxy servers (TPS) and its uses?

In a common configuration all VoIP (voice over internet phones) telephone sets, the TPS provides multiple interfaces via this program by facilitating a secure and reliable operation with bandwidth control and feature deliveries by acting as an interface. A computer that provides call control services using the signal server has the TPS residing in it.

Combining the proxy server and a traditional terminal server the TPS provides the VoIP communications. All wide area network (WAN) or local area network (LAN) acts as a common connection point for computers and communication devices provided by a terminal server whereas for providing security and administrative control on the Internet a proprietary LAN or WAN acts as the in-between intermediary by the proxy server.

Definitions of some of the terms and words used in this article to make you understand everything better, my version of an idiots guide (me not you):

Signaling Server (A process called signaling is established through a connection of discovery and process. A third mutually agreed upon server is connected by involving both devices and is also known as signaling. Being able to exchange negotiated messages and to locate each other is done this way through the third device.

Call Control (Decoding addressed information from one point to other routes by telephone calls through call control. If the users so need, adaptation standard switch operations, the call control also creates this feature. A vertically service code commonly invokes these services and actions and is called supplementary services.

Proxy Server ( By requesting or seeking resources from other servers uses an intermediary, acting on a computer network which is known as a proxy server which is a server also known as an application or computer system. Invented to add structure and by simplifying and controlling complexities by evaluating requests, the proxy server is connected to by the client from a different server when requesting some type of service from a different server whether it’s a file, web page a connection or any other information or resource not on his own server

Terminal Server (Without the use of a network interface or modem multiple client systems can connect to a LAN network using a server known as the terminal server that enables these connections