If you are a fan of nightclubs and you are on your Prague vacations, you will love what the city has to offer. You can spend your days exploring the old city bazaars, checking the castles, or going on sightseeing tours. But save your energy for the nightclubs. You will need all your power to enjoy the nights at some of the best nightclubs in Prague. Here we discuss some of the best Prague nightclubs that are a must-see on your Prague holidays.

Lucerna Music Bar

The nightclub will take you to the past, as this club exclusively brings themes and music from the 80s and the 90s. It is also a great attraction that this nightclub happens to have one of the biggest dance floors in the city. You will find plenty of locals as well as tourists here who will come to enjoy live music, and also see performances by top local and international artists.

Chapeau Rouge

The nightclub is entertaining people since 1919! You heard that right, and it is one of the oldest nightclubs in Prague. You may find the club less flashy than what you would see when going to other nightclubs in Prague, but we urge you to visit this magnificent place. It a three-story building having four bars and three stages. You will have choices to listen to pop music or dance at the beat of salsa tunes. You will also find a complete range of underground bands and indies music. This club has something for all music lovers!

Check out Karlovy Lazne

Prague is by far one of the best places you could go to enjoy the nightclubs. One club you will fancy is one of the largest clubs in the whole of central Europe and is a five-story nightclub! It is a classy 15th-Century building with dance floors on each level that can accommodate you and all your friends. The club put out fantastic music from all genres. If that is not enough, keep looking, and soon, you’ll find a spot where you’ll see a DJ robot performing! Yes, we are talking about real entertainment here!

Take your time and explore the city of Prague at night to see why the region is famous for its best Prague nightclubs. We guarantee that if you love music and prefer to party at nightclubs, you will become a frequent visitor to Prague. You’ll be coming back to revisit all the clubs!