The common question that parents who want to enroll their kids in Krav Maga lessons often ask is: what is the best age to start kids Krav Maga? The truth is that there’s no stipulated age to start Krav Maga. Provided the child can walk properly and has attained stable balance, they can start lessons as early as three years old.

Krav Maga is a martial arts system that combines simple movements borrowed from other types of arts like Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing and so on. This is what makes it easy to train. Through practical, well-choreographed movements, your kids get to not only learn how to defend themselves, but they also get to increase their physical strength and mental strength.

Why you should sign your kids up for Krav Maga

It’s no secret that any type of martial arts has a ton of benefits in store for everyone who engages in the training. But do you ever wonder what sets Krav Maga apart from the rest? Here are some good reasons why you should sign for kids Krav Maga.

Builds Self-Confidence

With bullying incidents being on the rise now more than ever, especially among young kids in school, you won’t always be there to protect your child. Having your kids join Krav Maga classes works to build self-confidence. It teaches them how to value and trust themselves and how to control their emotions in the face of all kinds of situations.

Improves Physical Strength

Are you looking to have your kids engage in active sports as opposed to staying glued to their phone or TV screens? How about having them attend Krav Maga classes? In a world where almost everything has been digitized, obesity in kids has shot up. Lack of physical activity, especially for a child can cause them to have physical or temperamental issues.

  • Teaches them about self-defense
    Most children will remember the lessons that they learn in Krav Maga sessions even when they are adults. In the event they face emergencies or altercations that require them to defend themselves, they can bank on what they learned to stay safe.

The incomparable attributes of Krav Maga are that they teach children to get the most out of life. Besides the benefits above, this form of martial arts increases your child’s flexibility, reflexes, coordination, and balance—a splendid way to keep your child occupied and productive. Before enrolling your child for the lessons, however, it is important to carry a background search on the trainer to ensure that your child is in safe hands.