Batch cooking involves meal preparation in large quantities. Some batches of food are enough to last a week. Others may be stretched for as long as a month. The family can eat what it needs from this batch per day while letting the rest sit in the refrigerator or even the freezer, depending on the items and the expected shelf life. They can then be reheated in smaller quantities whenever people need to eat. Just pop them into a microwave and you will have a hot meal in a minute or so. Below are some of the benefits of batch cooking:

Lower Cost by Buying Ingredients in Bulk

When you make the choice to cook in big batches, your grocery shopping will also be affected. Instead of going there several days a week, you might only purchase food items once a week or once every two weeks depending on the quantities you get. Since you will need more of each item per trip, it would make sense to grab them in bulk packages instead of the smaller packs. This would allow you to get an effectively lower price per piece or per unit weight. You will save more on the cost of food and the cost of fuel when making these trips.

Saving Time by Cooking in One Go

Perhaps more importantly, you will save time by cooking everything that you will eat in a week in one go. This frees you up from having to rise early in the morning just to make breakfast for everyone. You can sleep in a little bit more which should help you feel more rested. Simply heat up the prepared meals when you are ready to eat. You can also take your prepared lunch to work if you want to. Most offices have microwaves for heating anyway. At night, you can rest after a full day at work. You won’t have to cook dinner since you already took care of that last weekend.

Enjoy the Convenience of Ready Food All the Time

Batch cooking means having ready meals all the time. Open your fridge to any time you want to satisfy your hunger. You won’t need to whip up something or order from food delivery services. You will have nutritious and delicious food within reach and ready to go when you are. It is incredibly convenient and worth looking into if you find yourself feeling fatigued from cooking so much in the kitchen.