Best Tea for Tea Leaf Reading (a.k.a. Tasseography from the French word “tasse” meaning cup) is performed by reading the symbols that tea leaves leave behind on the side of your cup. This divination method comes to us from China. There they’re known to read and interpret the inside of bells. This is probably because when you turn over a Chinese teacup it looks like a bell since it doesn’t have a handle on it. These were easier to transport so it’s believed that the Chinese eventually started using them instead of bells.

Preparing for Your Reading

When you’re interested in tea leaf reading you must first set up the environment. You’ll need a tea set that includes a saucer and a teacup with a handle. It should be white because this will provide you with the best base when it’s time to read your tea leaves. It’s also important to have a clear area to work in.

Preparing Your Tea

This tea isn’t meant to be enjoyed. It’s meant to be read. This is why you shouldn’t add any milk, lemon, or sugar to it. These things won’t help you when it comes time to read the tea leaves. All you really need is a pinch of tea leaves covered with some boiling water and a lid or saucer to cover it. You’ll want to allow the tea leaves to steep for a few minutes.

The Best Tea for Tea Leaf Reading, the best tea leaves are loose black or oolong tea leaves. This is because tea bags will rob you of the tea’s sediments. When this happens you won’t be able to extract any information from them. After all, it’s the patterns that you’ll need for your reading.

While you can use Darjeeling, Earl Grey, green tea, or herbal tea it’s best not to. You really want to stick with black or oolong tea because then you’ll have leaves that are of a uniform size. Whenever your tea has dried flowers or fruit peels in it these things will differ in size – something that can mess up your reading so it’s best to avoid them.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of where tea leaf reading originated, many people still practice it today. This divination method is used to tell you about a lot of different things in your life. For the most accurate reading just remember to use loose black or oolong tea leaves.