Sometimes we may get stuck indoors due to bad weather pandemic, war, or unexpected closure of schools. It’s important to have a number of activities for kids to do while indoors to avoid cabin fever.
Some of the Indoor activities for kids are such as;

Baking and topping pizza

This is where you get them creative in the kitchen by baking and decorating cupcakes or ice cream sundae. They can also fill pizzas with toppings of their preferred choice.

Jigsaw puzzles

This is a great indoor activity because every family member can participate by trying to fill in a few pieces. It helps in cooperation and collaboration skills.

Go on a hunt

This is whereby one comes up with a list of hunt items where the child has to find all over the house and maybe put a clue where to find the items. One may also include a price when the child finds the item.

Making laser maze

This is where you help the kids make a lase maze with crepe paper and masking tape and then they can walk through them when done which is really fun. Another interesting activity that kids can do indoors is painting a big mouth monster that has been already printed.

Sewing cards

This is where kids design their own shapes and then you help them in cutting out the shapes and creating holes and then lace. Origami jumping frogs is also another activity, whereby with instructions, the kids can cut out frog like shapes then fold them and make them jump.

One can also make a mini foosball for kids from shoebox where they can spend their time indoor playing. The children can also make beautiful heart shapes from fireflies and mud pies which are easy to make and they can also be made in different colors.

Another indoor activity fit for kids is bringing the camping experience indoors by creating pop up tents with blankets and pillows. Reading out an interesting story to the children is a different activity that kids will find interesting because they never get bored of being read to. The kids can as well listen to an audiobook or a podcast where the narrator brings up the different voices of each character.

Learning activities also help children improve in math, social studies, and other subjects. Trying fashion and design can be done by children indoors, whereby it can involve tie-dye, spin art, or using fabric markers.
Indoor activities for kids are important because they aid in a mental boost. When choosing an indoor activity, choose one that’s appropriate for your child because some have an interest in cooking and others in art.