Regular TVs lack intelligent features that improve user experience. Nonetheless, thanks to technological advancements, you can now do more than watching boring channels on your TV set. Streaming devices bring in a new level of experience to TV users. Through the innovative gadgets, you can stream movie, TV episodes, and exclusive series all at the comfort of your coach.

Smart TV boxes Australia and Chromecast are popular media streaming devices that have contributed to a significant awakening in home entertainment. But what is the difference between the two options and how do they affect your media streaming experience?

User interface

The availability of on-screen interface accounts for the most significant difference between a smart TV box and Chromecast. A smart TV box has an on-screen interface with settings menu, channels, search functionality, and app store. Contrarily, Chromecast lacks an on-screen interface. It requires you to download the Chromecast app on your smartphone to enable the connection of your TV and Chromecast.


Both devices differ in control methods. For the smart TV box, you use a dedicated remote to scroll through the interface. Moreover, some remotes controls have power and volume buttons in that you can fully control your TV using the box’s remote only. As mentioned earlier, your Smartphone functions as the remote control for Chromecast. If you want to watch content from a particular media app, you open the app, open the content you want to watch, and press the cast button. Subsequently, wait for the content to appear on your TV. You can pause, fast-forward, play, or adjust volume through your phone.

Content availability

A smart TV box allows you to access thousands of channels without a drip of sweat. Contrarily, not all apps are Chromecast-enabled, and you will need to cast the entire screen of your phone. This means that you cannot use your phone for anything else at the moment. Moreover, some apps will not successfully stream even when you cast the entire screen.


There are several versions of Smart TV boxes. Consequently, the prices of the devices differ among manufacturers and retailers. Only two versions of Chromecast exist; Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra, and both have fixed prices. Chromecast costs as low as $35 while Chromecast Ultra goes for $70. Additionally, a more advanced smart TV box Australia has to offer cost more than double the price of Chromecast Ultra.

Both Chromecast and Smart TV box in Australia allow for media streaming services. Nevertheless, they have considerable differences which may influence your choice. If you are looking for a stand-alone control, opt for the smart TV box. You may select the compact Chromecast if size matters to you. Furthermore, you may find that some Smart TV boxes are way more expensive than Chromecast.