If you do not you have Windows 10? In this case you can download a movie via TV streaming from the official website. To do so, as a preliminary step to the process of downloading a film indicated for the Windows 10 app, you must download the proprietary plugin.

After downloading your executable file, first press Yes and then Install. Then, if required, it also installs the Microsoft Silverlight plugin (but remove the check marks from the items related to Bing and MSN) and then on Forward and Close.

On macOS, instead, after downloading the Smart TV Box Australia plugin installation file, start it by right clicking and press Open in the context menu. Next, press in sequence on Continue, Continue and Install, type the password of the Mac (the one you use to access it) and, finally, complete the download by pressing Install Software first and then on Close.

In case you are asked to download Microsoft Silverlight, you consent to this request. In the latter case, once you have obtained the dmg file of the same, start it and press first on Continue twice in a row, then click Accept and Install.

Once you have done so, type your macOS password and press Install Software and Close. In case of doubts or problems in this regard, read my tutorial dedicated to the operation of Infinity, in which I’ll explain step by step how to download the contents of the Smart TV Box Australia catalog.

Prime Video is a paid platform dedicated to watching movies and TV series in streaming, in on demand mode. This is another very famous cross-platform service that includes a vast and constantly updated catalog of entertainment products.

The subscription also includes other services: the service dedicated to rapid deliveries in the e-commerce site, Music, access to the music streaming platform and Prime Reading, a service that gives the possibility to download and read a vast number of books for free.

The contents of Video can be viewed by PC, through the official website but also from smartphones and tablets by downloading the app for Android and iOS; through the latter it is possible to download the contents for a view in offline mode. You can also use the service on traditional Smart TV, thanks to compatibility with TV Stick and TV Box Australia.

Choosing to download a movie with Video (just press the Download button, corresponding to the chosen content) usually you have up to 30 days to start watching it and, after the first reproduction, 48 hours to finish viewing it. However, this is not a fixed rule, as this time may vary depending on the content downloaded.