Even for those who don’t intend to live in Singapore but often travel to the city, renting a good hotel room with excellent amenities can be pricy. For this reason, it makes sense to invest in your own property. If you plan to live in Singapore or visit the city frequently for business or leisure, you should consider looking for a good deal on cheap condos for sale in Singapore.

As a guide, here are some ideas on finding the best budget deals while on your search.

1. Look for Absentee Owners

In an active real estate market like the one Singapore is experiencing at the moment, great deals are few and far between because of the sheer number of people looking for apartments. In some areas, one condo for sale can get several offers in the first few days of its debut in the market. Consequently, one of the best strategies to use when looking to invest in cheap condos for sale in Singapore is to look beyond the popular listing services and instead get in touch with property owners directly. The best kind of condo owners to target are absentee landlords. You can find them by driving around and looking for vacant condos. You can track them by talking to neighbors or contacting online public records.

2. Post an Ad on Social Media

You can significantly increase your chances of getting more responses by broadcasting more about your search. Therefore, it is a good idea to post details about the kind of condo you are looking for in Singapore on popular social media sites. You can even share the exact price range you are looking for. Post in groups related condos for sale in Singapore for a more targeted reach.

3. Look for Condos that have been on the Market for a Long Time

The other way to find condos on a budget in Singapore is to look for apartments that have been on the market for a long time. Owners of such properties are usually more willing to sell at a discount because they are fed up with holding on to the property. In many cases, they will have incurred some expenses advertising and maintaining the property for months or even years and will most likely entertain any offer.


When looking for condos that are affordable for sale in Singapore, you need to be smart. Try to look for property that the owner would wish to dispose but he/she can’t seem to find a buyer. Alternatively, advertise what you are looking for on social media to increase your responses.