Silicone Gripped Leggings for horseback riding! The latest craze, not only for fashion and comfort but for safety as well.

Made from Lycra or perfect fitting synthetic and breathable material the leggings itself is more than most times skin tight and either the seat or the inner thighs or both, lined on the outside with a Silicone Gripped Leggings material.

  • 1) RIDING COMFORT: With this silicone spaced at an individual distance, it gives the rider the grip on the saddle and allows the rider to sit in comfort without that irritating slipping and sliding if they sweat or bad weather.

Made from long-lasting and sturdy silicone it can improve a show jumpers game and gave them total control when seated without the worry falling off.

This has become very successful and useful for beginners.

  • 2) CONTROL: By it not only being on the pants or legging seat but also on the inner thigh, it allows the rider to control the horse using his or her legs as well and prevents them from having to add sours (although frowned upon if not banned)

With this pattern that is a more closely placed than the seat the rider can control the horse through jumps and sharp or abrupt turns during the showjumping events and will not only improve their score due to control but also the way they sit as stance is also important for scoring in show jumping.

  • 3) LAYERED: The silicone patches, whether for the seat or the inner thigh of the pants or leggings are applied one layer at a time starting with one layer onto the leggings and once dry and secure the next layer is applied and from there depending on product use of is specifically requested by the client more can be added a per that specifications.

The reason silicone was used is unlike other material tried that not only preventing slipping and sliding but kept the rider stuck to the saddle which gave them minimum if any movement at all and show jumping is all about to conform and movibility, so silicone was chosen as it allows for gripping but not sticking or acting as an adhesive and limiting the movements of the rider both while seated and controlling the horse via their seat or their inner thigh.

So if you into this sport and haven’t got you yet, get it now and see how it will change your overall ride.