Shark IONFlex Reviews short and sweet

Sweeping away all the competition this product is the easiest stick vacuum to use. Winning the editor’s choice award, though only ranking number two out of fourteen. Conveniently folding into small storage spaces with a myriad attachment usual and unusual and has an across the board cleaning experience, particularly excelling in the hard floor areas.

Being cordless with switchable batteries is a major plus as you can match your battery charging to your cleaning needs and times

Has a great battery life once recharge properly
Hard floors were an easy and fantastic job
Extremely easy to use and understanding its functions
Cleaning performance unmatched
Very convenient
Cleaning carpets with no problems and with extreme ease
All-round fantastic cleaning power,
Unsurpassed Versatility

A bit on the expensive side
A bit too loud
Over debris not too good, in reverse
A bit too heavy

The bottom line

As this is one of the top and exceptional machines around by far, sweeping away all competition in this product range, it is going to hurt you purse string a bit and if you looking for the premium model which offers everything you can think of under the sun, then it really is going to hurt your wallet, but in the end it is worth every coin paid for it.

Analysis and results

Taking home the top score was the Shark IONFlex Reviews when tested against last year’s winner Rocket DuoClean but only by a few points but both beings Shark IONFlex Reviews say it all. Both were on par in everything it did IE: cleaning carpets, hard floors, etc. but the IONFlex surpassed the Rocket through thorough convenience, cordless and much better in storage convenience.

Performance Comparison

We bought all the top-performing products and tested them head-to-head to see who will rule supreme then ranked and scored them in four metrics: Convenience, Ease to Use, Hard surface cleaning, and carpet cleaning. Weighing in at a hefty 8.9 lbs it was one of the heaviest. Well labeled for attachments and cleaning the brushes.

When it came to battery life, it had one of the best for cordless products, even though not the longest of all swapping to a second battery is instant and recharging it in about 3.5 hrs. When it came to collecting spilled flour on all surfaces it came out tops even when we used smaller and fluffier items like rice and even Cheerios.

With its front roller.To conserve the cordless battery function it has a low and high mode. An impressive function is the flexing in the middle for easier cleaning under furniture, even reaching further under the simulated sofa test and without using the flex mode all you had to do was crouch.

One disadvantage was the lack of storage space for a second battery and the accessories