Pole dancing is turning out to be a hit in the fitness world. People are discovering how helpful it is in improving strength and coordination. The practice has gained the respect of millions after they have tried it themselves and realized how much of an effort is required to do it well. You can now find lots of pole classes in every city where instructors teach students of all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners. You may even be one of those who have signed up for them. This should prove to be exciting. Be prepared for your upcoming classes by doing the following:

General Fitness

This activity can be physically demanding. You have to respect it by getting into shape or else you will find it hard to keep up with the instructions. If you haven’t been exercising for a while, then develop a personal fitness plan to build your aerobic base and increase your strength. Running, cycling or swimming are great for enhancing your overall endurance. When it comes to the poles, however, the real stress will be on your upper body. Do exercises that will target the arms, chest, upper back, shoulders, and grip. Bodyweight exercises at home can do wonders but try to go to a gym and lift weights if you can.

Class Outfit

You should also get the right clothes for the class. This includes high waisted pole shorts and a body-hugging shirt. The fabric should cling to your skin with no loose ends anywhere that could cause you to slip. The shirt is typically tucked into the shorts so that it doesn’t move about or get undone when performing various movements. You don’t need any shoes as barefoot is the way to go in most cases. You will need your feet to grip the pole and provide stability, especially when you are climbing up. Your feet will provide your arms with opportunities for a break when they are weary.

Advance Study

If you are feeling quite diligent, then you may even try to study in advance for what you might encounter in class. This could be something as simple as watching pole dancing videos online of which there are many. These range from tutorials to performances. Get enlightened by the tips and tricks shared by the gurus. Get inspired by their performances, especially the viral ones that show their skills and creativity. You will realize that there is so much possibility in this practice. One day, you might even be part of a routine that others will praise for its excellence.