A web application usually runs on a Web server, but it can be swapped out with one or more application servers. You can basically distinguish two architectures. The web application is a standalone binary interpreted script that restarts for each request.

The web application is part of the web server or an interpreted script from the web server. It does not have to be started for each request during a program cycle. A Rich Internet Application (RIA) requires a higher level of program logic on the client, rather than using the example calculations on the server they can be performed on the client with the help of Orange County Web Design experts.

Strictly speaking, it is Web applications that use JavaScript (including AJAX), Java applets, Flash animations, ActiveX plugins. With a web service provides a web server information in a structured format, which is not primarily intended for direct display.

The use of XML alone is not enough to distinguish against a web application, as they also rely on XML since the introduction of XHTML. For a web service, the XML data are intended for further processing in any program on the client.

The web application consists of a client and server, thereby implementing the technology of client-server. The client side implements a user interface that generates requests to the server and processes the responses from it.

The server side receives a request from a client, performs calculations then generates a web page and sends it to the client over the network using the protocol HTTP. Web application itself can act as a client for other services, such as a database or other web application located on another server.

Static web pages

Static web page (sometimes called a flat page/stationary page) is a page consisting of static html (htm, dhtml, xhtml) pages which make up the whole. It can contain text, images, multimedia content (audio, video) and HTML tags.

Tags are intended for the visitor and designed to help organize information on a website. All changes are made to the site’s source code, for which you must have access to the files on the web server. Typically, a static website is a collection of HTML files hosted on a web server and designed by Orange County Web Design experts.

Online Business Card – contains the most general information about the owner of the site (organization or individual entrepreneur). Type of activity, history, price list, contact details, details, directions. Experts place their resume.

Product Catalog – in the present detailed description of the goods or services, certificates, technical and consumer data, opinions of experts. These sites provide information about products or services that can not be put in a price list. Also, static pages are often used as templates dynamic sites.