Why Go For Koh Phi Phi Diving? Koh Phi Phi is a place to have excellent diving experiences. The region has fantastic rock formations that you can see underwater. These sites allow for some superb diving opportunities, and one can explore slopes of coral gardens, with plenty of nooks and crevices. Crevices are the places where critters can hide.

All diving activities are almost exclusively by boat, offering to take you to some fabulous sites. For entry-level divers and newly certified, the local conditions for scuba diving are very suitable.

Best Diving Schedule

The two seasons on Koh Phi Phi are the wet season and the dry and hot season. From May to December, the wet season lasts. Due to heavy rainfall from May to December, activities such as scuba diving are less frequent. However, it does not slow down some scuba diving enthusiasts to head for the region. While the water clarity decreases, it is still possible to enjoy a diving experience.

The dry and hot season lasts from January to April. This time is the most suitable to visit here for scuba diving. There are temperature variations from 25ºC to 32ºC, and the water temperature is about 29ºC all year around. The most suitable period when most tourist visit for scuba diving activities is from February to April, as water’s clarity is the best during this time.

Discovering a Whole New World

Nothing is more fun for a sea-lover or a scuba diving enthusiast than to head here as there’s so much to explore here. You can spend days exploring the marine and enjoy the views of colorful reefs. Both soft and hard corals are here in Koh Phi Phi. Leopard sharks rest on the sand. People find it awe-aspiring to catch a glimpse of these leopard sharks. Another great view is the cloud of glassfish that hangs around fissures. You can also see Mantis shrimp and seahorses here. Barracudas hang on the blue, triggerfish dart around, a bundle of reef fish glides past scorpion fish and octopus morph. Seahorses, sharks, and turtles are seen here throughout the year. So, if you love to see marine life, the place will not disappoint you.

Diving Safety

While you will be diving with a trained scuba diver, it’s a great idea to invest in travel insurance for scuba diving. Diving insurance offers worldwide coverage with quality insurance for scuba divers, and it provides medical coverage too. So it is, of course, a good idea to make insurance to be on a safe side.

Enjoy Your Stay

The whole area of Koh Phi Phi is full of fabulous natural resources to have a fantastic adventurous time. Excellent rock climbing and suitable climbs are here for those who have never tried it before. To truly feel the beauty of this island, you can hike to reach a viewpoint, get on a kayak, or a taxi boat to reach one of the fantastic beaches. Koh Phi Phi diving can be your next scuba holiday!