It has long been established that cigarette smoking is bad for our health. The problem is that this habit is addictive, preventing people from quitting right away. Nicotine withdrawal can be difficult to handle. You can get some help from the best stop smoking doctor Double Bay has produced to make it a little bit easier. Through patience and diligence, you will be able to lower your risk for the following:


Cigarettes have large quantities of carcinogens. When people inhale the smoke, these toxic substances are deposited inside the body where they are can wreak havoc. Long-term use increases the chances of cancerous growths. Lung cancer is one of the most common. It is logical for this to be so given that most unwanted chemicals would be deposited in this organ. However, cancer can actually develop anywhere around the body including the cervix, the bladder, the colon, the kidney, the esophagus, the liver, the larynx, the pancreas, and the stomach.

Heart Disease

Smokers should also watch out for cardiovascular diseases. These could affect their heart and blood vessels. For instance, they could suffer from a stroke if their circulatory system isn’t functioning well. This can lead to sudden death. Some people think that they are above this kind of problem as they aren’t heavy smokers. However, the truth is that you don’t need to consume one pack a day to develop these issues. You could smoke less than 5 sticks a day and still be at risk. Blood vessels become thicker and narrower. The heart rate increases to pump out the necessary blood volume so the pressure increases.

Other Risks

Expecting mothers should stop smoking as it will affect their baby’s health. The risk of stillbirth and pre-term delivery go up. Birth weight may be very low and the baby may succumb to sudden infant death syndrome. Ectopic pregnancy and orofacial clefts are also connected to smoking. As for men, their sperm count may be affected resulting in reduced fertility. Bone health can suffer along with the teeth and gums.


It is estimated that hundreds of millions of people all over the world die each year due to complications related to smoking. The combination of cancer, respiratory ailments, and cardiovascular diseases make up the bulk of the cases. The number of those affected dwarf the numbers for other notorious conditions such as HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, alcohol dependency, car accidents, and shooting incidents. The habit is even more destructive than wars, taking ten times more lives in total. The risk of death is increased for both men and women. The rate has been soaring for the last half century.