People love to drink coffee, but the disposable cup it comes in is a problem. The average coffee drinker consumes more than one cup of coffee a day. This same drinker could use more than one disposable coffee cup each day. That’s a lot of coffee cups. As a result, disposable plastics are a problem for numerous countries such as Australia and New Zealand. How do you solve the problem? Creating solutions such as the Keep Cup NZ is a start.


KeepCups was established in 2007 by brother and sister Jamie and Abigail Forsyth as a way to cut down on the usage of single serve coffee cups at their coffee shop. The goal was to create a coffee cup that could be reused over and over again and to decrease the number of cups that are dumped in Australian landfills.

Thus, this explains how this recyclable cup got its name. Since its opening, this successful Australian company has not only reduced the number of cups that end up in landfills, but it also donates a small percentage of its revenue in an effort to take care of the environment.


The company offers recyclable coffee cups in different sizes, colors and materials. KeepCups are microwavable, BPS free, BPA free and can withstand high temperatures. They are also dishwater safe and manufactured so that users can take them apart to clean. The good thing is that the Keep Cup is also customizable where coffee lovers can design their own cups by choosing different bands, lids and top plugs.

Depending on the style, each part is available in a different color. For instance, choose the “Sphere” which is a rhapsody colored cup with a dove grey band, kingfisher lid and maroon plug. Choose from lightweight selections such as Heartleaf, Bellfruit, Pulse, Sonic, Nimbus, Spark, Ripple among others. KeepCups are available in clear tempered glass as well. They are cute, colorful and lightweight. There are even themed Star Wars KeepCups designed to look like BB8, R2D2 and an Empire Stormtrooper.

A Keep Cup NZ comes with a one-year warranty; however, they also have replaceable parts such as lids and bands. This is to ensure that each cup lasts a long time. After all, they were created to replace the need for disposable cups. The company believes that it is more efficient for a customer to replace a part as opposed to purchasing a whole new cup. KeepCups are a good choice for coffee lovers who want to save the planet.