This article will help you restore your iPhone XR screen replacement working order when it cracks, not showing pictures and not responding to touch. Here are some of the steps that you should follow to restore its working condition.

Step 1 Pentalobe screws

Ensure your iPhone XR screen replacement is below 25% charged. Charged lithium-ion batteries can be explored or catch fire when punctured.
Switch off your phone before the beginning of disassembly.
Remove the pentalobe screws found at the bottom edge.

Step 2. Taping over the display

Keep off additional breakages during the reparation process by tapping over the glass
Lay the overlapping strips of the packing tape over the iPhone until the whole face is well covered
Fold a strong tape (duct tape) into a handle and lift the display if the broken screen makes it challenging to get the suction cup stuck.

Step 3. Opening Procedure

Heat the lower edge of the iPhone to soften the adhesive securing display to ease opening.
Use a heat gun or hair dryer and apply it at the lower edge of the XR iPhone for a minute to soften the underneath adhesive.

Step 4

When the plastic gauge is attached to the iSlack center, remove it immediately however it is not necessary for large iPhone such as XR iPhone.
Consider positioning the suction cups located at the bottom edge, one at the front and one at the back.
Press the suction cups firmly into place.

Step 5

Hold firm and securely your XR iPhone and close the iSclack handle to separate the screen slightly from the phone screen rear case. Do not try to separate the screen.
.Insert the opening pick to the gap under the display on the iPhone lower edge

Step 6

Slide the opening pick at the lower left corner, slicing through the adhesive holding the display in position. Do not attempt to insert the opening pick far to the iPhone as you may cause unwanted damages to the internal components.

Step 7

Re-insert the pick at the bottom edge and consider sliding it up to the right side to continue separating the adhesive. You may end up damaging the display cables while you insert the pick very far. Insert very few millimeters from the display bezel.

Step 8

Slide the opening pick at the top corner of the display and gently pull the screen down to the direction of the lightning port

Slide the display to the opposite corner cutting the remaining adhesive securing display.