The recipe of beauty also includes a careful and careful cleaning of the face, which starts from the everyday to the most specific periodic treatments performed on our skin by experts. Every day, care must be taken to the skin by subjecting it to thorough washing, especially in the morning and in the evening before going to sleep.

Often, however, daily care and DIY masks are not enough, especially for skins subjected to various stresses, smog or smoke or even more for impure skins, which suffer the most and tend to be fat, venting impurities through pimples, blackheads or acne.

When it seems necessary to have a professional facial cleaning, Microblading Miami is the answer: thanks to the advanced and avant-garde techniques, the Microblading Miami staff proves to be very prepared and with an eye towards the health and beauty of the face (of women and men).

One of the priorities of Ellen’s beauty factory is indeed face care in its entirety, which is why the center felt the need to investigate the frequency and quality of facial cleansing. According to the results obtained, many women, but also men, do not carry out periodic facial cleansing, also because of the bad results obtained in different centers.

The cause of this general dissatisfaction stems from the use of poor products and the use of incorrect and inefficient methods, wrong methods that are far from what Microblading Miami Beach offers. One of the first treatments offered by the center and its staff is through the machine called Skin Face, thanks to which you can immediately see large and satisfying results.

Among the various facials, from Microblading Miami you will find the one that suits you best. The center has a variety of options to meet everyone’s needs. For young skin, the staff recommends Gold cleaning, which acts directly on the skin, which, especially in young skin, tend to produce greater quantities of sebum.

An alternative is the Illuminant that, through the careful use of specific and high quality cosmetics, makes it possible to avoid both the steam method and the squeezing, thanks to the help of ultrasounds. These, in fact, act in depth without creating redness and allow useful substances and their active principles to penetrate better.

This cleaning is suitable for those who need exfoliation, but also for more sensitive skins. A cleansing of the face suitable for all skin types, on the other hand, is the Oxygenator, recommended mainly for customers who do not perform a cleaning for a long time. It is possible to customize it between the squeezing, steam or ultrasound mode, depending on the needs.