Crytal Pyramid Necklace, simple but elegant, a crystal pyramid necklace has more uses than just enhancing your style. It can awaken your inner self in ways you never imagined. A high polished finish in sterling silver or gold completes the look of any fashionable woman.

The Symbolism of the Pyramid Shape

The shape had an apex or tip pointing upwards. It is the highest form of geometry and is considered sacred. Egyptians created pyramids that have stood the test of time and are revered to date as one of the seven wonders. An upward-pointing apex is a form of energy that is believed to connect to heaven. The triangular sided meet at the apex, representing majestic mountains that are associated with strength.

Spiritually speaking, the beautiful shape of a crystal pyramid necklace attracts a higher level of energy giving the wearer more focus. It is also a symbol of consciousness and human development. A pyramid directs the power of your emotions to a central point that projects outwards towards the source. You can have one of these necklaces to remind you that transitioning is natural and vital. Make use of these sacred geometrical crystals to sharpen your concentration and evade distractions from your core purpose. We all need positive energy to wade off negative thoughts and be re-purposed for good.

Finding your Crystal:

Clear quartz is a respected stone. Everybody should own one in their jewel collection. It is associated with high and pure vibrations that may uplift the spirit and absorb any negative energy that holds you back. By taking in the low vibrations, it provides crystal healing. Use it to improve the magnificence of other gems and jewelry pieces in your wardrobe.

Amethyst is a stone of divine clearing and peace. It is believed to boost self-control, discernment, and wisdom. It is also known to boost sleep and prevent nightmares. Strong believers count on it to chase away drunkenness. They also use it where justice, forgiveness, freedom, and transmutation are needed. Since it carries some form of divination, amethyst can link you to wisdom.


Gemstones have been used for a long time in healing and purification procedures. Some people get negative energies out of their bodies and houses using gemstone pyramids. It is a way of attracting good health and abundance. Others use gemstones to power up their mind or soothe souls thereby invoking peace and acceptance. Try gemstone pyramid necklaces if you want to relieve stress, anger, and depression. They are also good for inviting educational luck, good business, and wealth.