Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can cause a host of symptoms. One of the symptoms that many people with lupus must deal with is photosensitivity. Photosensitivity causes a person to break out in an itchy and irritating rash after being exposed to the sun. This may cause many people with lupus to avoid spending time outdoors, especially during the spring and summer months. However, spending time outdoors can be unavoidable at times, and here are some ways to manage lupus and the sun:

Use sunscreen

Using sunscreen of 50 SPF or higher can make a big difference for many photosensitive individuals. As long as the sunscreen is applied 15 minutes prior to sun exposure, so that it has time to become effective, it can work wonders for blocking the negative effects of the sun. It is important to reapply the sunscreen every 2-3 hours during periods when extended periods are spent outdoors. Even on cloudy or overcast days, sunscreen should still be utilized, as the sun can still cause a rash in some individuals.

Wear a hat

Hats can provide a great deal of sun protection, especially hats with large rims. If you’re not really a hat person, you might be surprised at how fashionable some hats can be. Perhaps finding a store or website that sells custom straw hats can make wearing a hate more tolerable. Even if you don’t choose a straw hat, as long as it covers your face and forehead in the front, and your neck in the back, it should be sufficient.

Invest in sun-protective clothing

Hats aren’t the only article of clothing that can make spending time in sun more tolerable. If you perform a search online for sun protective clothing, you will yield results for numerous types of clothing, from gloves to shirts and more. Not only does the clothing physically cover the skin, but the clothing itself contains a sunscreen-like material. It may be difficult to find such clothing at local stores, but the sky is the limit when it comes to shopping online.

While every person with lupus doesn’t suffer from photosensitivity, those that do can be deeply impacted by it. A cute straw hat can make spending time outdoors in warmer weather enjoyable. So if you or someone you know suffers from photosensitivity, even if it’s not caused by lupus, it might be completely worth it to purchase some custom straw hats.