Panic room London games are more fun when you can actually solve puzzles and ultimately escape within the allotted time. Most will only give your group about an hour to finish. There is no time to waste. Below are some strategies to consider based on the experiences of Panic room London enthusiasts:

Create a Team of Smart People Who Communicate Well

It is rare for a single person to solve everything by himself. There are so many puzzles to solve and so little time so even brilliant people will need help. For rooms that are open to public booking, you will not have complete control over the composition of your team. For those with private booking, you can handpick your teammates based on their abilities. Choose your smartest friends and coworkers. These should be people who can communicate well with others. You don’t have to fill all the slots as even half may be enough while avoiding overcrowding.

Leave Your Ego at the Door and Work with Teammates

Everyone is brilliant in their own way. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t crack a code. If you are taking too long, then enlist another person to help. Maybe a fresh set of eyes will see something that you missed. Remember that you are all working against a clock. Leave your ego at the door and work closely with your teammates. Keep your priorities straight and work efficiently. Whether you win the game or not, at least you will be able to give it a good go.

Be Thorough and Organized with Room Items

There are lots of clues scattered across the room. Be thorough when searching for them so that you can have everything that you need to solve the puzzles. Common hiding places include coat pockets, pages of books, tops of bookshelves, secret compartments in walls, backs of cabinets, and so on. Once you find these, organize them on a table or on the floor with related items grouped together.

Divide and Conquer to Solve Puzzles Faster

Since there are so many things to do and so little time, you can divide the team into smaller groups so that each can complete their own mini tasks. They could also be assigned in various areas so that people won’t waste time searching the same spot multiple times. They can also be asked to solve specific puzzles.

Be a Good Listener from Beginning to End

There will be a briefing before the game so listen to your host carefully. He may drop important clues during this encounter. During the game, your teammates may offer ideas that are worth exploring. Encourage them and try everything possible.